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Hello everyone  (LOOK THE VIDEO)

First of all, thanks and apologies for this "low budget" page, but it was necessary to show you the need we have as a federation of quartets on the Colombian coast. I, Carlos Zambrano, took the initiative last year to invite the LUNCH BREAK quartet for a virtual training, which was provided free of charge by KJ, Eddie Holt and Mike, but this year we want to take it to Colombia, a country where it is unknown the music of Barbería, however we want to spread it through our own event at HU Cartagena Colombia.

For the above, the Midtown quartet is invited to give us training and a concert to finish off. That is why we ask for your financial support to make this beautiful event a reality. The goal to be raised is from $5,000 to $6,000 US dollars, we hope to have your support. Join my barber friend. We want you to be able to review our video and put your hand on your heart and help us have this experience. What's more, we will be even more ambitious, if you want you can come to Cartagena Colombia and be a part of this event together with us, we are ready to receive you. The tentative dates are for the spring of next year (2024, February).
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